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How to overcome the fear of being seen ?

Updated: Jan 15

I used to experience intense fear when faced with public speaking, coming from multiple traumatic events during my school days.

Overcoming this fear involved several key steps:

  1. Embracing the realization that not everyone will necessarily approve or appreciate my words—and that's perfectly acceptable, given that I don't agree with everyone either.

  2. Practicing the skill of comforting my inner child, particularly when she feels frightened about appearing in public. This includes showering her with love and compassion, a practice that has proven immensely beneficial on my journey.

  3. Giving value what I have to offer to others more than ever and know that there is a reason why my path crosses with their path and trust the process.

  4. Allowing myself the freedom to be imperfect. Acknowledging and learning from mistakes is a natural part of the process and does not diminish my inherent worth.

Hope this helps you as well.

Sending you so much love. 💕


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