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Learn How to Speak Up for Yourself

Updated: Jan 15

Speaking up for myself was really tough during my journey of personal growth.


I grew up in a place where there was a lot of emotional manipulation. Whenever I tried to speak up, someone else got in trouble, or I just didn't feel safe enough to talk.


It took me a long time to figure out how to speak up in a healthy way.


If you've been through something similar, I understand, and I want you to know you're not alone.


So, how can you heal that part of yourself?


1. Make your inner child feel safe about speaking up. It's not you who's scared; it's your inner child.


2. Connect with your inner child through meditation or journaling. Explain that, even though it didn't feel safe to speak up in the past, it's safe now. Let them know you're there to support and protect them.


3. The next time you need to speak up, take a deep breath to calm yourself. Remind your inner child that it's safe to talk. Speak from a place of love, not hate.

Hope this helps you on your journey.

Much Love,


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