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So how did my journey begin?

Hello everyone!

My journey began after I graduated from university, when I started to delve deeper into personal development books.


The idea of getting to know myself better excited me a lot.


Because, in order to make progress and transform in any area, it's crucial to first understand where you currently stand. And it was through those books that I actually discovered my starting point.


On the other hand, I was working as a Mathematics Teacher at a private school, and as part of my job, I was also coaching my students for their personal lives. Then one day, I realized that the coaching aspect of my job was much more fulfilling than teaching Mathematics.

So, it was at that moment that I first felt that my journey would ultimately evolve into life coaching.


After a year of teaching, I suddenly decided to move to Canada, which I can now say was one of the biggest creations of my life.


It turned out that I needed to confront the truth: wherever I went, I couldn't escape my past. Actually, it was time for me to embrace my past and receive a gift from it.


At the end of my second year in Canada, the emotional pain was so unbearable that I had to seek help. That's when I finally met my mentors. After a few workshops with them, it wasn't difficult for me to see the change and I said, "Yes, this is the path I want to follow; to support myself and others, making their journeys easier." Then, I took the first step towards Life Coaching and enrolled in a certification program.


For 20 months, I learned everything I could relentlessly, graduating from the certification program as a Transformational Life Coach.


During the certification program, I realized that the climate in Canada was no longer suitable for me. Then, another one of the biggest creations of my life happened, and I moved to the tropical paradise of Australia.


After sharing my knowledge and love with individuals and groups through workshops and one-on-one sessions for several years, I realized I wanted to expand my knowledge in Yoga. Following an amazing training in Bali, I became a Yoga Instructor.


Now, as I continue my life in Australia, my greatest desire is to travel from country to country, sharing the knowledge and experiences I've learned from my own life and continue to learn, and witnessing others discover their true selves.


With the hope that our paths cross at the right time...


Much love,

Nafiye Erdogan

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