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Thinkbaby Baby Bottle All In One Set

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Thinkbaby's All-In-One

Babies start with a bottle base which transforms into The Sippy and then again into The Thinkster. The BPA free line that transitions from newborn to 4+ years of age

The responsible choice for parents who want to save money and space, while simultaneously protecting the environment from needless waste.

  • Free of -  Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET, and biologically harmful chemicals.

  • The All-In-One comes with:
    Two x Stage A nipple (for 0 to 6 months and marked with a number 2 on the nipple)
    Two x Stage B nipple (for 6 to 12 months and marked with a number 3 on the nipple).
    Two x 9oz bottle bases made from polypropylene
    Two x Travel tops
    Two x The Sippy Handles
    Two x Stage C - Sippy Spouts (9 to 24 months)
    Two x Stage D - Thinkster Tops (18 to 48 months+)

  • No Spill nipple, spouts, and straws! Features our cross cut design.  The design also mimics natural breastfeeding as it requires your little one to nurse to receive fluid.

  • Baby bottle nipples feature our anti-colic nipple. The unique design helps reduce the incidence of gas and spit up.  The one-piece design eliminates cleaning headaches and tricky assembly. No extra parts to lose.

  • Extra soft, medical grade silicone -  provides an easier transition from breastfeeding to baby bottle feeding and beyond.

  • The transformational line - The Thinker System allows parents to transform baby bottles to our award winning Sippy Cup and Thinkster. The system saves parents money and the environment from discarding baby bottles when its time for the next stage in feeding.

  • Comes with Travel Tops for baby bottle and Sippy to reduces the chance of spillage during travel and protects the nipple from coming into contact with foreign substances.  The Thinkster top features a swivel top for protection.

  • Dishwasher safe (Top rack recommended)

  • Our eco-friendly bottles are made from materials that can be recycled after use.  

  • The All-In-One is extremely pocketbook friendly and also makes for a fantastic gift or registry item.

The collar, bottle and top are all made from polypropylene (No. 5. Plastic).  The nipple, spouts, and straws are made from medical grade silicone.

Do you conduct animal testing?

We do not conduct animal testing on any of our products.  All of our testings is either chemical testing or biological testing (on cells).  We utilize third-party globally certified laboratories to conduct our testing.