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Innobaby Aquaheat Food Warmer Mega / 28 oz. Pack

RM 179.00 RM 199.00

  • **** BPA, Phthalate, & PVC free
  • ****  Made in South Korea

The Innobaby Aquaheat Food Warmer is a portable, lightweight on-the-go food warming solution that requires no electricity to create heat. All you need to do is add water to the heat packs to activate heat anytime, anywhere. No need to search for a microwave in your office, dorm or on the go, enjoy warm meals in as little as 3 minutes anytime, anywhere!

The heat packets are available in warm and hot options and are eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. The warm heat pack is perfect for beverages, oatmeal and baby food. The hot pack is perfect for warming full servings of soup, pasta and more. Each heat pack lasts for up to an hour so you can continue to warm up additional servings of beverages and food with the same heat pack. Just keep in mind that the second serving may take a little longer to reach optimal temperature. 

The Innobaby Aquaheat Solo Set includes:

  • 1 x 16 ounce high-quality rust resistant type 304 stainless steel container;
  • 1 x warming pod;
  • 1 x airtight lid with removable silicone;
  •  1 x neoprene sleeve;
  • 1 x aquaheat warm heat pack; and
  • 1 x Aquaheat hot heat pack.

The Innobaby Aquaheat Mega Set includes:

  • 1 x 28 ounce high quality rust resistant type 304 stainless steel container;
  •  1 x warming pod
  •  1 x airtight lid with removable silicone;
  • 1 x neoprene sleeve;
  •  1 x aquaheat warm heat pack; and
  •  1 x aquaheat hot heat pack.

*** Helpful hints:

When you are out of heat packs, simply use hot water to reheat. It may take longer but it would still work. Stainless container is also great for storing & traveling with food with its airtight/leakproof lid. If you want to use the food warmer as a double boiler, add adequate amount of water into the stainless container to heat up the water - submerge baby bottles, baby foods and pouches to warm up and enjoy!